wiBank - Online banking at your customers' fingertips

Our online banking is aimed at business and SME clients of financial institutions, allowing the management of their financial products with functionalities such as cash management, treasury management, credit management, and more, in a safe and intuitive way, that can be accessed from literally anywhere in the world.

Functionality for Business:

* Self-management of users
* Authentication
* Anti fraud
* Multilanguage / Multi currency
* Consultation of financial products
* Check Inquiries
* Local, international or interbank transfers in batches or individually
* Payments individually or in batches of employee payroll
* Loan and Credit Card Management
* Payment of Invoices / Services
* Third Party Beneficiary Registration
* History of Transactions
* Audit Reports
* Product Locks
* Message Center
* Comprehensive Account Group Management functionality, employee roles, and transaction limits
* Functionality of defining approval flows for transactions (preparation, review and appropriation)

Functionality for the Institution:
* Creation and administration of companies
* Creation of main users for companies
* Bank user administration
* Audit Reports
* Customer inquiries about:
- Account Groups
- Roles
- Limits
- Users
- Approval Flows
- Scheduled Transactions
- Transactions pending to be approved
- Transaction History

* Audit Report
* Administration of the Integral Center of Communications
* Request Manager
* Business Intelligence