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At WIABACUS, we provide easy and intuitive tools for consumers and financial institutions to simplify their digital banking needs with just the use of their fingertips. Using our digital banking solutions is a piece of cake, whether you're digitally native or not.

We want to give our customers an easy and pleasant experience with our online banking solutions. That's why we provide a variety of simple software solutions for financial institutions so that their clients can access many different financial products from any channel and as simple as ABC.

WiGro Checkout

Easy and Speedy Account Opening Solutions

Whether in person, online, or remotely from a mobile device, Gro Checkout is convenient and simple way for anyone to open an account from virtually anywhere. Customize your workflow and integrate it with your existing infrastructure for full control.

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WiBank Business Online Banking

Online banking at your customers' fingertips

Our online banking is aimed at business and SME clients of financial institutions, allowing the management of their financial products with functionalities such as cash management, treasury management, payroll processing, credit management, and more, in a safe and intuitive way, that can be accessed from literally anywhere in the world.


150,000 Active Corporate Users
Over 2 Billion Transactions per year

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Avoid threats to your online banking operations today… and always

Your most important partner that will make your customers trust you with their eyes closed. Easy Solutions' Total Fraud Protection provides multi-layered security against all forms of online fraud and across every stage of the attack cycle, from planning to cashing. Using industry-leading data analytics to detect attacks in real time before they can cause any damage, each layer of Total Fraud Protection can be deployed independently, but becomes even more powerful when implemented as a suite that shares fraud intelligence to make each layer more effective.

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Everything you need in one convenient place.

Wiabacus provides a broad set of products and services to help our customers move faster, operate more securely, and save costs; all while benefiting from the scale and performance of Amazon's AWS Cloud Services.

Cloud Computing

Backup and Recovery

Disaster Recovery 

Cloud Migration Services

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The one-stop shop for the ultimate financial experience.

Weather you're lacking essential tools for your business or looking for the latest in digital solutions for your business, we're here to help! We offer different consulting services to help you get on the right track.

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