wiBank - Omni Channel Solution for Business

The Online Banking service has a great variety of functionalities both for the client company of the financial institution and for the institution.

Functionality for Business:

* Self-management of users
* Authentication
* Anti fraud
* Multilanguage / Multi currency
* Consultation of financial products
* Check Inquiries
* Local, international or interbank transfers in batches or individually
* Payments individually or in batches of employee payroll
* Loan and Credit Card Management
* Payment of Invoices / Services
* Third Party Beneficiary Registration
* History of Transactions
* Audit Reports
* Product Locks
* Message Center
* Comprehensive Account Group Management functionality, employee roles, and transaction limits
* Functionality of defining approval flows for transactions (preparation, review and appropriation)

Functionality for the Institution:
* Creation and administration of companies
* Creation of main users for companies
* Bank user administration
* Audit Reports
* Customer inquiries about:
- Account Groups
- Roles
- Limits
- Users
- Approval Flows
- Scheduled Transactions
- Transactions pending to be approved
- Transaction History

* Audit Report
* Administration of the Integral Center of Communications
* Request Manager
* Business Intelligence